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Not-So-Happy Mother’s Day

Not-So-Happy Mother’s Day: For many women, it's no holiday. Read More

Mothers day is coming soon...

Mothers day is coming soon... Awesome post thanks.
you should also post about these... Happy Mothers Day

The pain can also be for mothers too

Its not just a pain shared by those who never had children, but also for those mothers whose children they bore could never say or express "Thank you!" or celebrate Mother's Day or Happy Birthday to their mothers. We just accept the fact that we cannot demand and expect anything, which commercialization of the occasion does not help at all! Cos in the first place, we didn't love our children because of these occasions!!! ... and its awfully weird that somebody else and stranger want to say or do it on your children's behalf. :S

Regretting the decision to live "child-free"

In my thirties I never imagined that I would one day yearn for motherhood, when it would be too late. Instead, I told myself that I had very good reasons for not having children. I could give more time to writing, spend more happy moments with my husband, attain my professional goals and generally live a great life. How wrong I was! I missed out on the most beautiful relationship of all, the connection between mother and child, and it is something I will regret forever. If my words have any effect on a woman reading this comment, that would be wonderful. Even though I am a newspaper columnist, have authored eight books and have attained all of my professional goals, including a doctorate, I would give it all up in a second for a child.

Thank you Lorraine

Thank you for your honest remarks. Perhaps the most important lesson that I hope young women and men will get from my book and this blog is that whether or not to have kids is the most important decision of our life. You can't give a child back and you cannot decide to have one once the time has passed. I talk to young people about this whenever I can. I honestly cannot say what I would have decided, had I spent time contemplating my options fully with my partners during my childbearing years.
Ellen Walker

You may be suffering from a

You may be suffering from a modicum of "grass is greener" effect here...

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