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9 Reasons Dogs Are Easier to Raise Than Children

9 Reasons Dogs Are Easier to Raise Than Children Read More

No No on 5!

I'm with you on all but 5.

5. You can cut their hair anyway you want.

My first Golden Retriever loved his summer haircuts. My current Golden thinks he is Fabio and I had him trimmed down once and he was so depressed I could barely get him to leave the house for his walk (which he loves!) I know he would be cooler but I just can't get him trimmed again.

I know of only one exception

Agreed; most of the dogs who've shared my life over the years always violently objected to being dressed up - except for one. Cubby, who was with me from when I was 5 to 17, always patiently endured my dressing him up in silly clothes and hats (including lace doilies even though he was a male!) and taking photos for posterity. Unlike your Fabio, the typical reaction of my other furry friends was anger and indignation - so much more proactive than depression!


They don't talk. No senseless babbling for hours!

This surely is tongue in cheek?

It's not written humorously but it's meant to be a joke, yes?

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