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Is There a Cure for Narcissism?

Are today’s youth really a more narcissistic generation? It’s a question parents, educators, researchers and media seem to be strongly affirming. Our obsession with self-evaluation is causing problems. But what conditions lead to both narcissism and low self-esteem? There's a better way to establish our sense of self-worth. Read More

Self Esteem Culture Versus Stoic Philosophy

When I was in school, visiting speakers would tell us to aim very high, and not hide our talents. At the same time, TV shows were pushing the self esteem agenda. If twenty-somethings are more narcissistic than previous generations (and that is a very big if considering the ways of interpreting the data), it is because of the messages adults gave kids.

Teaching young people Stoic Philosophy might be a better approach. By getting people to work at things they value rather than for their own reputation, they might well thrive while also avoiding excessive self regard.

A narcissistic and proud to

A narcissistic and proud to be ? How far inside do YOU need to go to find out you are too . is it wrong to give oneself praise when the world lacks doing that for each other ? with the, head down, special you are not , conform be used and abused or be cast out, as a group well now we agree`s " WE KNOW, YOU KNOW, WE THINK, YOU THINK YOU ARE BETTER THAN ANY ONE ELSE, AND BECAUSE YOU KNOW THAT IS OUR OPINION, US KNOWING YOU KNOW HAS PUT USE IN THE WE ARE BETTER THAN YOU UNLESS, YOU AGREE WITH THE REALITIES OF OUR OPINION OF, YOUR LIKELY DEFECT,narcissism " GEE "i" HOPE THAT MADE SOME SENSE . basically if a person need to do that are they not showing a need for some thing as well as a symptom , and if so is that not self defense and what is judging a person whom is in that predicament , make the judges`s ? I`m not sure entirely ,,,,,,,,

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Lisa Firestone, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, author, and the Director of Research and Education for the Glendon Association.


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