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How to save a life

Is Cynicism Ruining Your Life?

Like an ill-fitting sweater, cynicism can be easy to slip into, yet difficult to shake off. But what are the risks of indulging in cynical attitudes? How does cynicism negatively shape our lives and what can we do to counter it? Read More



Does a term (word) exist that would describe a personality that of "CYNICAL" and "SENTIMENTAL" simultaneously?

Thank you.

This article really touched

This article really touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. The author did an amazing job!


Are you trying to scare cynics by telling that they are more likely to die than non-cynics? I'm NOT scared of death. Calling cynics self-righteous, than what about your article?

I wonder whether the author really knew the meaning of cynicism...
Feel before judge.

A very insightful, and well

A very insightful, and well written article.

I too carried cynicism and anger for decades, not realizing it was eating me up from the inside. I saw life through a distorted lens, that hurt both myself and others.

It's true that (both) are a defence mechanisms, but the author sets out key attitudes: compassion and understanding towards ourselves and others.

so helpful

i am writing a speech on cynicism and needed a really good source, thank you

Hate this article

I'd rather die early as a cynic than live a longer life as a naive idiot.
I hate pretending that life is great.
Life is suffering.
It is impossible to feel good or live a good life without suffering.
And people are inherently selfish. When it really comes down to it, people always think about themselves first. Always. Always Always.
Looking for the good in people is ignoring reality.
See you in hell.

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Lisa Firestone, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist, author, and the Director of Research and Education for the Glendon Association.


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