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How to Strengthen & Improve the Sound of Your Speaking Voice

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Diaphragm voice

I just wanted to briefly comment in the idea of the "diaphragm" voice. As a musician, I offend have found creating resonance and musical tone in the voice much more difficult than playing an instrument like guitar or piano. I recall being advised countless times to "sing from the diaphragm." This is not physiologically sound advice (no pun intended). We create sound from our vocal chords connecting and vibrating as air is exhaled. The diaphragm is a muscle that allows us to expand our lungs to take in air. It's true that when the larynx and surround muscles are relaxed, the resonance produced can feel as though sound is being created through our chest or diaphragm. But the absence of tension in muscles surrounding the vocal chords is what allows for this. Perhaps some people take the idea of using the diaphragm to speak or sing and successfully produce resonance from their conceptualization. It never helped me though.

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