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Irresistible and Funny Quotes About Love to Brighten Your Day

They say that love is for all seasons. Here are 14 quotes and images to celebrate love, with links to multiple resources on relationship success. Read More

The first

The first singing.

the soft wind
becomes an
that calls
the desire of
an inner

Francesco Sinibaldi

Love this post!

Great pictures and quotes!

really you have wonderful

really you have wonderful collection keep updating the quotes.
really awesome thanks for those quotes I enjoyed lot reading those

Thank you

I enjoyed reading these quotes. This is what helps me get threw my every day life. Thank you


Very touching list of quotes. A new one from Robert Frost, too - my favorite. I didn't think there were any of those that I didn't already know! Nice job with the pictures, too, by the way. Matching the quotes to the pictures really made the post.

Should check out some other fun stuff here, on a less serious note:

Nice Quotes

Nice Quotes

Awesome quotes

Love all of these. Thank's for the lols:)

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