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Why “The Karate Kid” is all about being the New Kid!

It's the classic scenario. You are the new kid in the neighborhood and you've made friends quickly. The ‘move' isn't starting to seem so bad after all. There's even a cute ‘someone' who has taken an interest in you. You're all smiles and giggles at the new prospects and direction your life is going in. Then the bubble bursts. Read More

You hit the nail on the head!

I think you are absolutely right about negotiating relationships in new settings. My mother who was a single mom often moved us around due to her work just like these movies. I didn't have brothers and sisters to look out for me so I was on my own. It wasn't until I was a teenager that I realized that my ability to make friends easily and having girls develop crushes on me as a new guy was not always in my best interest. I learned to play it cool for while and what was what before making waves.

Karate Kid

LOL... my brother Robert wrote the Karate Kid movies.

And it's so true what you say. We often are not aware of what we do that causes conflict in our lives. Becoming aware of all things is a hard but necessary thing to do.

Martial arts helps in that respect. It usually takes a good teacher to show the way.

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