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The Theory of Social Validation


No matter the field, if we look to progress, we have to depend on people to say we are not only capable but the exact person to fulfill a need. To go a step further, we need gatekeepers to say this. Hence, no matter how long we have studied, practiced or otherwise prepared if we haven't received the proper social validation...

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Have or had it with favoritism

Whether we are ready for our next level or not, should not trigger elevation. What should, is truth itself or intersubjectiveness that comes closest: independent confirmation. Anything else is favoritism and worse, the thing that kills society in exceeding fervor. Things like 'MrTweet' are just Ponzi schemes I just told them. Same is true for 'private' public schools propelling some and not others into the most delicious and greedful pockets of society.

@Ron C. de Weijze


(Is this comment ironic?)

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Bakari Akil II, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of communication at Florida State College of Jacksonville.


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