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How to soothe yourself without food—and how to eat healthfully and mindfully

The 15 Best Quotes to Inspire Perseverance

“Fall seven times and stand up eight” –Japanese Proverb. The ability to keep going in hard times is amazing and powerful! See these quotes to get inspired. Read More

A few others, for perspective

1) "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There's no sense in being a damn fool about it." - W.C. Fields

2) "Some coaches wants the kind of boy who gets knocked down again and again and again, but keeps getting right back up. Not me. I want the boy who keeps knocking him down." - Paul "Bear" Bryant

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Susan Albers, Psy.D., is a psychologist who specializes in eating issues, weight loss, body image concerns and mindfulness. 


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