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Can You Nudge Someone Toward Healthier Eating?

Did you hear that McDonalds is going to stop asking, "Do you want fries with that?" and instead ask, "Do you want fries, salad, a fruit or vegetable with that?" Will this phrase change make a difference and nudge us toward healthier behavior? I did a sneaky food experiment to find out! Read More

cyber hacking as it is being

cyber hacking as it is being done now is waste of time. The swine worship money over all things there are much better ways.

what you would ideally want is worm in the system that everytime one of the pigs makes a transaction, another transaction is repeated, ideally late at night. I would focus on wall street nad hong kong. in tandem with that would be another that will artifically change the numbers. Both should be done slowly since they are arrogant and stupid. It will take time for them to even realize.

All hail the obama God.

the other problem of course with deleting my posts is that they arent actually deleted.

Picking a fight with me, sorry. You lose. Survival of the fittest tho right?

Nutritional Paternalism, again.

Soooo, nudging... like what Cass Sunstein proposed? That type of nudging?

If you could, Susan, please explain to me how nudging anyone towards anything is a good idea? So education isn't working (surprise, surprise), so we try mind games to make people eat what nutritionists, corporations, and politicians want them to?

I eat healthy because I choose to. People eat McDonalds because they choose to. We should be worrying more about the lack of personal control more than how we can control others. The problem begins when some people decide they know better than others and attempt to dictate what others do.

Is that what you are doing, Susan?

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Susan Albers, Psy.D., is a psychologist who specializes in eating issues, weight loss, body image concerns and mindfulness. 


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