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Child diagnosed with ADD

My 11 year old son has been having some difficulties concentrating in school and his comprehension and ability to focus has been a problem since he was young. I took him to his pediatrician and from all the information she gathered she concluded he has ADD. I've known for some time he had some kind of auditory or attention problem but to hear he has ADD was hard for me.

She prescribed Adderall which is a stimulant to help concentration but I decided instead to try to change his diet to see if that would help. Instead of letting him eat waffles with syrup in the morning I changed it to Whole Wheat Waffles with non fat cream cheese on top with a bowl of some type of fruit be it strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, a banana,etc. I also, let him take mints to school to see if that would help. His teachers agreed to let him have a snack during class because he has a very late lunch and I know no one can concentrate when they're hungry. So, hopefully that will help him also.

For breakfast I've tried to include more protein in his diet like boiling eggs the night before so that in the morning he could easily just eat one or pop into the microwave. He also, drinks a glass of milk or 100% juice in the mornings. I've also, switched him to eating whole wheat toast. Also, I used to buy Flintstones vitamins for him but decided to do some more research on multivitamins for children that didn't contain sugar but contain more vitamins, minerals and fruits and vegetables. So, I came across a vitamin that had a lot of great reviews and no sugar added.

I also, try to make sure he's getting a full nights rest so he isn't sluggish in the mornings. He does have allergies though so I'm not sure if that's hindering him throughout the day. I know allergies can keep you from being able to concentrate.

So, hopefully with these diets changes I will start to see some change in his concentration and abilities to stay on tasks in school. After a week, I already see a change in his mood. He seems to be more positive.

I just want to try other possible methods to help him instead of resulting to medication because they all have side effects and those worry me.

Child with ADD

Hi Anonymous, While I'm not a specialist in childhood ADD or ADHD, as a parent myself, I would be inclined to explore nutritional and other non-pharmacological approaches, as you are describing, before adding medications that may have side effects and unintended consequences. Seeking ways to help our children find happy and productive lives is certainly what conscientious parents strive towards. I certainly hope you find a healthy solution.

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