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Why Do We Procrastinate and Cheat on Our Diets?

Self-control is made more difficult by the way we compare our options over time. Read More

Understanding self-control will not solve procrastination

Fascinating science perhaps, but not much use when you want a drink or piece of cake or to make the phone call you are dreading. Stopping procrastination is about knowing how you feel in the moment. What information is the feeling telling you in that moment you can use to break through your stumbling block and to feel great about yourself for the decision you just made.

When you want to drink or eat what you know will not bring you the health you are looking for, you can look at what emptiness you are hoping the food or drink will fill. When we look outside ourselves for the answer, we can NEVER fill up that emptiness. When we look within and ask, "What creative thing can I do in this moment as an expression of who I am? " and choose to do that , THEN you can fill yourself up with you. Now, that emptiness can be filled and a different choice made with the food or drink.

WIth the phone call, what feeling comes up when you go to make the call? Not Good Enough? Inadequate? Stupid? Ask yourself, "Where am I not good enough? What is it I need to do to feel more secure?" "What information do I need that would give me confidence that that I am adequate enough to make this call?" "Where am I stupid? Is that I am stupid because I don't believe in me despite all my success?" Listen to what the feeling has to say. It will tell exactly what you need to do to gain the confidence needed to make your call.

Procrastination is about not actualizing all of who you are. It is you not stepping into your power. Using the system that I have designed, it turns out that knowing what is holding you back and having the tools to know how to move forward each and every time, is simple and straight-forward.

Marty L Ward, The Kiss Procrastination Goodbye Expert

There are many possibilities

Hi Marty. Thank you for your comment.

Procrastination has a variety of causes, and there are many ways to try to overcome procrastination.

You give some good suggestions.

This essay was not focused on giving specific advice regarding procrastination. With that said, my piece on willpower and game theory gives some hints as to how I think understanding willpower can help us overcome procrastination. The example in that piece is diet, but you can easily substitute a procrastination example:

discussing solution to my problem

thanks for this! I really needed this! I generally suffer from procrastination problem.I have been re-amending my ways by inspiring myself in such situations.......but really these situations when they come...take away a lot of time in making realize many things. I think that's not bad completely as such situations make us realize so many things that we wouldn't have if we were on a straight path. But these realizations are of what I could have done in those time and its importance.....whether worth or not!mostly this realizations start with regret and ends with a will power to start again in my case.

I have been on a way to realization of many things but if procrastination costs you your self respect....its bad.....I had been cursing myself since 5-6 year back....when I didn't come first in 10 standard...and on many things that in which I failed to accomplish....not because I wasn't able to but because of procrastinating things.......because I didn't stay on one plan till it got over and I changed my way whatever lured me........
well I am glad that I realized all these and I know that I am myself a philosopher and I believe everyone is a philosopher inside somewhere only thing is they have to keep their eyes and ears open!
at least now I am on a plan and sticking to it........
but the problem is my speed varies because of this procrastination..!
though I bring myself on track but it wastes my important time....
I said all these ....expecting that my story may help suggesting some I am also an observation in nature.

There is a Solution to Procrastination

Dear Navin:
Procrastination robs of us of our confidence and then we start to doubt ourselves. When that happens then we lose our self-respect. I used to suffer from the humiliation of procrastination and feel like I earned my PHD in it! What is exciting is that with all I learned I figure it out! I have designed the Kiss Procrastination Goodbye System that has helped 100s of people be able to get clear about what is holding them back. Get confident about what makes them uniquely qualified for success. Get going on breaking through stumbling blocks and procrastination each and very time it comes up so they can follow through consistently on activities that are turning their lives and businesses around! If you just want real down to earth guidance that works go to we can chat and see how you can stay on one plan and accomplish your next goals.

hi..thank you very much for

hi..thank you very much for your will to help me...i tried to follow the link given by you many times but it doesn't proceed till end to fix the appointment.

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