Take control of your inner clock

Escape the Burden of Switching to Daylight Saving Time!

Merely setting the clock an hour later—thereby forcing our daily routine an hour earlier—carries distinct risks of mood and physical disturbance that can last for weeks. We have a solution: gradually reset your inner clock an hour earlier over the week before the time change. And we have a daily Twitter program to coach you through it! Read More

Something else you can do: Write to Congress... set Daylight Savings time back to its original parameters.

writing to Congress...

Since consciousness about the time-change hazards is still not common knowledge, a scattering of letters to Congress is unlikely to catch attention. Citizen groups need to organize and create a popular sentiment that will catch the attention of their House and Senate representatives. One interesting example is the movement in Indiana to change their time zone from Eastern to Central: It's a worthy battle, but the political obstacles are intense!

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Michael Terman, Ph.D., is a Professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry at Columbia University.


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