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Brain Meets LEDs: Everything Old Is New Again

New lighting technology claims major breakthroughs in lamps designed to help get us to sleep, wake up, energize us, and combat depression. While we await proof of safety and effectiveness—even as marketing gets into in full swing—low-cost existing technology already nicely does the job. Read More

inadequate declaration of interest

The CET organisation of which the author is an officer sells at least one of the recommended products.

Re: Declaration of Interest

Dear Anonymous: First of all, thank you very much for your question and reminder. Conflicts of interest can create serious problems of bias, and dissemination of misinformation that serves to bring personal financial gain. In the case of CET, the Board of Directors reviews and selects the best apparatus it can locate for sale on its online store. We also publish criteria for light box selection, based on peer-reviewed, published research, as guidance for consumers, patients, and doctors, who are inundated with spurious ad claims by manufacturers and distributors. We trust that the data, which we try to present in quantitative detail, speak for themselves. Commissions from sales support CET's website development and maintenance. None of CET's leadership is paid for its effort in the organization. We work on an uncompensated volunteer basis, out of devotion to the advancement of the field and the safety and efficacy of the new environmental therapies.

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Michael Terman, Ph.D., is a Professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry at Columbia University.


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