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Indiana: Where It’s Always Later Than You Think!

Waking up into winter darkness is bad enough for mood, but Indiana poses its citizens double jeopardy—by manipulating clock time, forcing the sun to rise an hour later than it should, with dangerous results for students and commuters. Read More

I agree with this.

I agree with this. Definitely feel more depressed in the winter.

Even though I live in

Even though I live in Illinois I agree with the article. I wonder if at least the western portion of Michigan shouldn't be making the same argument. I read once where not only all of Indiana but the western portion of Ohio should be in Central time with the divider being somewhere near Columbus. That may be a stretch, but at least the counties in Indiana west of Rt. 31 should probably be on Central time in conjunction with those areas just outside of Chicago.

Vulnerable areas outside Indiana

Amen. Our analysis of western Michigan shows a severe morning darkness problem even worse than Indiana's. Indiana, however, has a large group of articulate citizens who are motivating action. They would surely find allies in western Michigan, but it's hard enough to convince one legislature at a time! I do urge concerned citizens in far-western regions of their misplaced time zones to organize, as the Central Time Coalition has done in Indiana, and to persist unflaggingly. Current teenagers who are literally losing sleep and facing the perils of icy, dark streets at 7:30 AM will soon be voters. This would be an exciting topic for high school civics classes -- and, of course, we have a readable book/paperback/Kindle doc that focuses, in Chapter 13, on the conundrums of adolescence.

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