Adolescents and Serious Crime: A Couple of Stories

In yesterday's post, I commented on some of the issues that need to be resolved before we as a nation can really think through the matter of sentencing juvenile criminals to life without parole. The concerns I mentioned were not "psychological" in nature, but had to do with the intentions the community might have when supporting such sentences. Read More

What is your expertise?

I see you did not provide a response to the question of whether or not you have any expertise in this subject matter. Do you? Your evasion leads to the conclusion that you don't. So, how can you hold yourself out as an expert when you are not?

No professional competnecy here?

It would appear that you have no expertise in this topic nor in the others you comment on. Your CV makes no mention of your leadership of a fringe "crazy" group, Advocates for Children in Therapy, which is now your major affiliation since you no longer teach at that small state community college.

Are you licensed?
Do you have any clinical experience?
What, precisely, is your expertise??

As an APA member, you appear to be violating the code of ethics in that you are operating outside the scope of your competency.

My website

see my website which has great info about me and mercer

"" http:// www. monicapignotti. com/""

Gotcha. You have now admitted

Gotcha. You have now admitted that is your website, not mine. Thank you for at least admitting that, although now the website does not come up at all and the links are obviously automatic computer generations, not an accurate representation of my actual work.


P.S. It is a common problem that people who criticize and debunk various things naturally use the terms they are debunking often. The computer picks up the names and they get into automatically generated ads about the person, which promote the very things that are being criticized. Obviously, the computer program was not sophisticated enough to pick up on that distinction.

Interesting, though, how much time and effort these people are putting into smearing Dr. Mercer and I. Very telling. They must see what we're doing as having an impact or they would not be likely to be spending so much time spreading malicious lies about us.

What about mercer's group

See my site for great material about me and mercer
"" http: // www. monicapignotti. com/ ""


Too late. You already slipped up and posted this same thing under the name "Aaron Epheason, PsyD" admitting that this is YOUR website, not mine. You thought you could correct this and post as "anonymous" and make people think it's me but your first posting went through and you have given yourself away.
It is now well known that is not my website. You bought the domain, not I. I am in the process of starting three legitimate websites in my name.

Confess Monica

A search reveals you as the owner for
Caught again in a lie...just like you deny being affiliated with scientology and Thought Field Therapy


Look at these affiliates of mercer. All one needs to do is "google" jean mercer or monica pignotti or any other their other close intimates.
First, Jean Mercer. She’s a psychologist, but has never held a license
to practice, and has never seen a patient. She has no practical
experience, but she seems to be the best they can do. Mercer runs a
blog on Psychology Today. When people came to the blog with honest
questions about Mercer’s background and affiliations, she resorted to

Mercer collaborates with Larry Sarner. Sarner is very interesting.
Sarner tried his hand at inventing voting machines. The voting
machines did not work, and the result was a financial scandal. It was
not as big as the Bernie Madoff fiasco, but the potential was there.
One of Sarner’s “victims” was Peter Paul Luce, son of Henry Luce. Why
do we mention this? Well, Scientology L. Ron Hubbard claimed that
Henry Luce and his “black magic organization” invented calculus!

Sarner and his wife, Linda Rosa, run a blog on child torture..

Then there’s Monica Pignotti, another very interesting person. She was
a Scientologist, Some time after abandoning Scientology, she became a well paid practitioner of Roger Callahan’s “Thought Field Therapy” and “Voice Technology.” Like
Scientology, these are very expensive “secret methods” for diagnosing and curing diseases.

Pignotti abandoned Callahan, apparently to collaborate with Mercer,
Sarner, and Rosa.
Eldon Braun is a curious character, he never hesitates to defend
Monica Pignotti and Jean Mercer. Braun is a Scientologist.
Ah but we know Monica Pignotti lies about all kinds of things, such as a "Ted Bundy" handout appearing in fabrications published by "wayward radish" on various fora. Of course, given the fact that the majority if not totality of Pignotti's previous clinical career consisted of the application of Callahan's quack treatments, Thought Field Therapy and Voice Technology,

Monica Pignotti: Deceptive and Intellectually Dishonest

Art, did you not listen the

Art, did you not listen the last time I warned you to stop posting under my name? Do you have any conscience at all, or do you just wish to hurt others?

In any case, you win. Are you happy? I will no longer be commenting here, and any future comments made under my name should be seen as sockpuppets.

Perhaps that will bring you some delight, knowing that you have made this blog a hostile place for any who wish to learn and understand.

Posting under other's name

Hillary, are you aware that I can see the IP address and have been deleting the ones that aren't from you? I've left this one for the time being because of your reply, which will also disappear if I delete the original comment. Keep in mind that in order to let me delete a comment without deleting the reply, the reply has to be done as a new comment, nor as "reply".

Do you want me to delete this sequence? Jean

I'm aware of this. I posted

I'm aware of this. I posted so that others who may be lurking would also be aware that this was not me.

Yes, please delete. I've saved the comments for posterity in any event.