Charting the Depths

Reflections on the science of depression.

Why You Need to Light Up Your Life

We are not receiving light at the right time. This has unfortunate consequences for mood. Read More

Excellent article, iI agree

Excellent article, iI agree wholeheartedly.

Basically, we are living out of sync with natural rhythm. Natural rhythm is geared to the hours of daylight which varies with the seasons of rhe year. Daylight influences mood, as do subtle variations in the weather. We are creatures of natural light. When despite tiredness, and natural desire for rest and sleep, we force ourselves to keep going, we switch from living in sync (in a connected state) and start living mind over matter (in a disconnected state).

Wonderful Article.

Wonderful Research. Conclusion is very true, As I myself experience depression because of heavy indoor work. Keep the spirit up!!

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Jonathan Rottenberg is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of South Florida, where he directs the Mood and Emotion Laboratory.


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