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Are You Straying From Your Healthy Path? 4 Ways to Rebalance

If you want to avoid relapse, burnout, and depression, and increase peace of mind, joy, and just plain sanity, there's a solution: Balance your life! Choose from 4 simple methods here. Read More

Great advice

Incredibly practical advice and perspective. Thank you, Meg!
Becoming unbalanced seems to be the root of so many of our problems. I'll be sharing this one with a small army of friends and relatives!

Share away!

The more the merrier! Thanks, Gayle, for the kind words. You've made my day!

Wants/should balance

Very useful. I can definitely confirm from recent experience trying to only do "shoulds" can backfire big-time.

I was reading recently about an Australian Aborigine people (the Yiwara) who make no distinction between work and play, sounds like their wants and shoulds are one. Sounds like a nice idea, not sure it's so easy in modern society when so many jobs are ugly, stressful or even immoral. I always imagine gardening will combine 'want' & 'should' but in practice it's often more of a "should" I need to reward myself constantly for, guess there's an art to it.

Wants and shoulds

Very interesting about the Yiwara people. I find, as I get older and know myself and my values more, that my wants and shoulds tend to overlap and harmonize much more. Nonetheless there are some things that I just have to grit my teeth and do--including gardening. In the case of gardening, I enjoy the result but not the process. Thanks for bringing up this thought-provoking issue!

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