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Perseverance is the key

In order to be successful at anything, you are going to have to experience a lot of failure in getting there.

In life, you are going to fail more than you succeed. Just keep swinging.

Winners are losers too, but they always go back for more.


I totally agree, Dan. Fall down 8 times, get up 9. Thanks for reminding us about this essential quality.

Perseverance against standard behaviour

In general, the people who succeed in whatever the wanted did so in an environment where the clearly had to deprive themselves from doing what others could do. For example, you were training, working or studying while friends and family where having fun. So, the most relevant thing might be to understand and remind yourself that your goals are YOUR goals! That is the essence of Perseverance! Yes, it is not easy what you are doing, because otherwise EVERYBODY would do it, so remind yourself of this. You started being special the moment you stepped out of that comfort zone... and that actually might have been your most difficult step! Try to remember that! You STARTED for a reason, so it IS logical to Persevere! It is the right thing to do, as was your decsion to start, so... JUST CONTINUE WITH WHAT YOU WANTED TO DO! HAVE FUN WITH IT!


See the target, trust and embrace yourself in its value to you, and don't allow doubt to linger.

Law school seemed like a pipe dream for a guy who barely made it through high school. My youth was hard. My friends and some family found it laughable. But I saw a way to redeem my myself - for myself, no one else, and I went after it, against the odds. My friends partied and tried to get me to do this or that, and I passed, my "father" belittled me, and I ignored him - because I had something I HAD to do for me. And it was worth it.

See the target, pull back the string, breath deep, focus, and let that arrow fly right to the bulls eye! You out there who are doubting - you can do it!

Beautiful story,

Dan and Patrick, you had a clear vision of what you wanted for your life, and you didn't let anyone stop you. Thanks for sharing your insights!


I really like your point about persevering despite others' "standard behavior." Sometimes you have to fight the sub-culture around you for the sake of achieving a valued goal. Great share! Thanks so much.

I love this one! I've

I love this one! I've printed it to keep on my desk.


So glad...'s helpful, Jane. Thank you for your comment.

I'm about to print it, too...

It's so weird how we hear the 'get back up there! go for what you want! anything's possible!' message all our lives, and then all of the sudden, this creepy, understood p.s. comes to us in adulthood, that says, "...buuuut that's just for kids, so get back to work, and quit with the pipe dream, cuz it ain't gonna happen."

I've heard this article's pep-talk before, but somehow it sounds different here; maybe it's just that my life has done a 180-degree turn this year, and it's such a needed reassurance to know that other people out there--be they Olympic athletes, or you, Ms. Selig, Dan, Patrick, and Jane--still really believe that 'unlikely' does not mean 'impossible', and that "...this thing we call "failure" is not the falling down, but the staying down." (Mary Pickford)

I learned this other expression years ago in college, that I've never forgotten:

Si las cosas que valen la pena se hicieran facilmente, cualquiera las haría.
(If it were easy to do the things that are worth doing, anyone would do them.)

So very glad to have read this article. Best to all.

Thanks so much, Camille!

I've also been thinking about the difference between a pep talk and true inner motivation. Maybe it has to do with choosing realistic, meaningful goals for yourself rather than fantasy goals or goals that someone else wants for you.

Thanks to all these great comments,

I'm going to add 2 more motivating messages to this article as soon as I can. Watch for them! And thanks again.

Readers, I've added 2 more motivating messages...

...based on your comments. Thanks again for your terrific ideas and discussion. I added your ideas (in my own words) at the end of the blog. I hope I faithfully represented what you were saying. If not,I know you'll let me know!

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