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Do You Need Self-Esteem to Change a Habit?

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Motivation and willpower

Motivation and willpower derive from possession of a healthy level of self esteem as are all the desirable assets - they do not come in isolatiion.


these various traits do not exist in isolation. But I do not agree that motivation and willpower start with self-esteem. In my experience, they start with a vision of how you could make your life better--a motivator of some sort. Hopefully, each asset helps every other asset in a "virtuous cycle." Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Anon.

Self Esteem and Change

Loved this entry in your blog, Meg. It hit the spot... a little like a good cup of coffee! I read it when I needed to read it the most, that is, when my day was at that low ebb and I wasn't sure I could "do life" quick enough or well enough anymore (despite all evidence to the contrary). Where do those feelings come from? Anyway, thanks for putting this so perfectly into words for my addled brain! I do want to lose the "freshman 15." I'm just not a freshman anything anymore!

To be compared to a good cup of coffee... high praise indeed! Thanks for making my day, Peggy!

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