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Achoo! I'll Vote for Beautiful You

Good looking candidates tend to win. But is it because they're good looking or because of what being good looking signals to voters? Read More

I must comment on this. When

I must comment on this. When I first took a job I had dreadlocks. The boss at that time did not see me as being attractive so he thought I eas better to transform the problems. I definitely transformed the office; however, in time I cut my dreads and all of a sudden he saw more physical attractiveness. Now I was the same person who transformed the office. My point is that was his issue not mine.

Let me twist that around and fix it for you.

Politics in the age of show business means we hate the celebrity industrial complex so much that we punish other good-looking people by making politicians out of them.

Take any generic politician, transport then back centuries to any generic village. What would the people make of them? Would they immediately recognize them as being superior? I kinda doubt it.

It is not that alwyas the

It is not that alwyas the good looking or plysically attractive peolpe are most of the times it happens.

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