Caveman Logic

A look at the scary and entertaining ways in which our primitive minds are mismatched to the modern world around us.

Did the Ballpark Really Make Them "Catch" Cancer?

Don't turn into your Caveman ancestor just because your health may be at issue. Calm and logic still wins the day. Read More

Intellectual Arrogance

I agree with the underlying argument, but I'm curious about the approach. Does implying that a person is like a "caveman" ever get that person to change? Isn't that like telling a child to "stop being so childish"? Does that really work? Because, in my experience, it generally doesn't.

Arrogance not intended

I've always learned to make a distinction between "the doer" and the "deed." I wouldn't call someone a "caveman" (or cave woman", but I might suggest that the thing they're doing, or perhaps the way they're thinking about something is less than enlightened. Hence, the term Caveman Logic - which was plainly meant as a catchy general phrase rather than a serious analytic commentary. I hope this makes my argument less offensive while still keeping its core

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Hank Davis, Ph.D, is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Guelph in Canada and the author of nine books.

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