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Want to Be a Writer? How Psychology Today Can Help

Whatever your motivation (and we’ll deal in a minute with the lack of that…), if you want to start or improve your writing you need look no further than Psychology Today’s blog posts. Read More

Writing is fun

I write. I have written something quite possibly every day of my life since I discovered that writing was my best form of self-expression. Most people find talking easier than writing, but I find writing easier I can talk, public speaking is a doddle, but I prefer to write. My work mainly in the law is mostly writing. I write for others too From marketing leaflets to website content. My writings appear in magazines, newspapers. Last year, I was invite to author a local history book, it is now available via Amazon: yippee I have arrived. I write a forthrightly blog for a UK website that attracts 2.5m visitors a year. A client has asked me to write a tribute to be read out at her funeral; I have asked for payment in advance.

In my formative years, I started by writing poetry but finding I couldn't keep up with the flow, I opted for photography instead: photography is a quick way of writing. I still take photos but writing is better.

I just write. I don't get stuck for words. Put in writing what you'd say to the person if you were talking to them. No need for fancy phrasing. That can come later. For elegance, play backhand; for example, hence, whence. Come over as intelligent by knowing the difference between it's and its. For depth, inject some thought: for example, psychology occupies the middle ground between who you are and what you want to be.

During my teens, I used to read fiction, avidly, but not nowadays. I much prefer non-fiction, particularly reference books. For a while I had a craze for software books. The Missing Manual series is I reckon the best.

Writing is fun. As a gifted healer, I work with words. In the words we use to describe our problems are contained our answers. My gift is the ability to take the description out of context, turn it around and put it back so the person sees their situation in a different light. Makes sense immediately. No need to delve into the past for clues, a joy to experience, takes about an hour, and saves having the contents of your bank account emptied into your therapist's pocket.

Getting in the habit of writing

If you want an easy and fun way to flex your writing muscles each day, is a great platform that asks you to tell stories about your life by answering questions. There are a lot of amazing stories and the great thing is that it is good for writers of all levels... from people who simply enjoy writing to published authors.

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