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Ten Career Questions for Psychology Majors

The truth is that most psychology majors will not go on to become licensed psychologists. Psychology majors are found in virtually every career field so choosing a psychology major isn't as much of a career decision as it is a decision of what knowledge and skills you'd like to acquire, or what questions you'd like to answer. Read More

Psychology Concepts

I am a nurse by profession, but I chose to take extra college courses in psychology because I was interested in learning more about human behavior. Maybe other students or adult learners are thinking about becoming a psychologist, counselor, social worker, mental health worker, marriage counselor or even a psychiatric nurse.

good suggestions

That's what is great about studying psychology-- it is so central to the study of almost every other subject. Great career ideas for individuals who enjoy psychology.

Career goals

Thanks for sharing about careers in psychology, it really helps me.

My Life

Ive always been interested in psychology. Always wanted to major in it. At first is was because i wanted to help others who have went through hard times and as a child i have seen varies numbers of therepists and none of them help my interest. It's a shame that those who need help can't get the help they need for different reasons. mine was i couldn't communicate with my therepist. None of them knew or understood what i was going through or how i felt or why i did what i did. It was fusturating to say the least. But now that i am in college and studying psychology i've been looking up possibly career oppitunities and ive came across one that im very much interested in pursuing. I plan on getting my associates in psychology then going back to school for my BA in Criminal Law. With both of them put together ill be able to have a Career and also be able to help people.

reply to My Life

Many people pursue a career in psychology or counseling for the very reasons you state-- a desire to help others and a concern that help they received wasn't as good as it could have been. Best wishes for success in your career!

Kate Brooks

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