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How Do People Define the "Good Life"?

Research shows that self-development increases happiness.

Certainly, people value certain aspects of happiness more than others. So, we asked users of BeyondThePurchase.Org to defined the "good life." People selected one of four choices--the good life is: experiencing pleasure, avoiding negative experience, seeking self-development, or making contributions to others.

Define the good life.
As the graph shows, most people define the good life as developing their personal strengths. Research shows that valuing the development of personal strengths and contribution to others (eudaimonic aspects of happiness) are linked to the well-being people actually experience.

Possibly, people who seek self-improvement may be more likely to experience pleasure and happiness from purposeful activities, as opposed to people who seek pleasure directly. However, valuing pleasure still leads to pleasure-seeking (which, of course, also contributes to happiness). 

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Ryan T. Howell, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at San Francisco State University.


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