Can't Buy Happiness?

Money, personality, and well-being

What Drives Us to Get Our Bling On?

For people who don’t have status, acquiring it is a motivation. Thus people who can least afford it tend to feel the greatest need to acquire possessions that signal high status. Read More

Some times it DOES get you noticed

I'm a middle age professional that makes 6 figures a year. After work, I usualy hit the gym, changing out of my coat & tie and into work out clothing. Afterwards, I usually stop by a local watering hole to meet up with associates. There is a young barmaid, somewhat younger than I, that I've been trying to chat up for weeks, but no luck. I'm in very good shape and often get complimented that I look like a UFC contender. Anway, last Friday I skipped the gym and showed up in my suit & tie,along with my rolex watch. It took her all of zero seconds to come over and start chatting ME up. She also commented on my watch. Soon after, I asked her out and she accepted. I'm the same guy, but I went from being someone that has good genes to being one with bling...and she went for the bling. Go figure.

I agree that bling works...

Hey Blingworks,

I agree with you that bling work...check out this blog I wrote about it:


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