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Dog Lovers, Cat Lovers, and Human Dating Behavior

A recent survey suggests that cat lovers are less likely to call back after a date, dog lovers are willing to spend more on a date and are happy with a one night stand, while people who don't own pets are less likely to believe in the idea of a "soul mate" to spend the rest of their life with. Read More

Uh huh. How about, people

Uh huh. How about, people use their pets as desktops because their pets don't complain, and their partners do? Or they take more pics of the pets than the partners for the same reason? Pets are not self-conscious about photos; they don't get pissed at you for posting an unflattering one.

And why do people keep pretending that a person can only like cats OR dogs, never both? And why do they assume that whatever pet you have, or no pet, is because of your liking or not liking? I like both dogs and cats. I have a cat because my life is such that it would make a dog miserable. I will not have ANY pet if I am renting, because they are a liability. It has nothing to do with "being a cat lover", etc etc, it has to do with being responsible.

Not so sure...

I own a cat, and she absolutely hates getting her pictures taken. Sometimes she will allow so many 'snaps' before hiding, other times she will do as I ask until I actually take the picture, then she will move last second. She is a bit territorial about us, and seems to act like an only child who doesn't want any other sibs, or anyone on the outside to know about her. My husband and I don't have children yet...
And while yes this article deals with cats OR dogs, and there are people who love both (I do, we just cannot have dogs in our apt), people tend to have more of a tendency. A family member owns 2 cats and one dog, and certainly shows the dog more attention, and corresponds to the dog-loving explanations here too (including getting drunk and having sex on first date). She flaunts her body and accepts all catcalls from men because she knows she's beautiful. I am much more modest and prefer to be 'covered up'.


Ο μύθος λέει πως όταν ο θεός χώριζε τα ζώα από τον άνθρωπο με ένα δυνατό ποτάμι, ο σκύλος πήδηξε στο ποτάμι και στάθηκε δίπλα στον άνθρωπο. Ξεκινώντας από τα πρώτα κυνοειδή που πρώτα αυτά μας πλησίασαν, ο σκύλος παραμένει αιώνες στις υπηρεσίες μας. Από κουτάβι μας αγαπάει μέχρι τα βαθιά του γεράματα και πρεπει να τα ταιζουμε με την καλητερη σκυλοτροφη

I wonder what PET scan would

I wonder what PET scan would reveal?

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