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Dogs, Cats, Classical Music, and Frédéric Chopin

Recent data confirms the fact that the sound of classical music is calming to dogs, thus it is interesting to find that dogs (and perhaps one cat) have inspired the composition of some classical music at least in the case of the great piano composer Frédéric Chopin. Read More

Set me thinking too

I loved your post. As someone who loves classical music and dogs, your post touched me and left me feeling vitalised.
Thank you.
One sentence struck me though. Here it is.
"While these results were very interesting, it set me to thinking about one composer who actually appears to have been inspired to write classical music by a dog."
I have never heard classical music by a dog and would love to listen to such music?
Any suggestions?

Dogs and Music

Check out my next blog posting "Dogs and Music" (should be Monday or Tuesday). I think that it may answer your question.

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