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How Dogs Bark in Different Languages

Woof-woof, or bow-wow don't work as the sound of a dog's barking in many languages other than English. If you want to know how a dog barks in Chinese, Hebrew, Polish and more than 60 other languages you should look at this list. Read More

In Polish, we would also

In Polish, we would also write hau-hau, not how-how.

Only the Welsh ...

Trust the Welsh to be the only ones who deny the dogs a vowel. :)

"vogh-vogh" in persian

I am not sure how English people read vowel in "vogh-vogh"

we have two versions of vogh-vogh:
1. the more formal one that is present in books sounds something like "cut-cut"
2. the more informal one is something like "bad-bad"

we also use ou-ou like shoe-shoe (this bark also is used for wolves and other similar animals)

You just copyrigthed a list of dog barks?

I can't believe that. How much I have to pay you to use the barks on my works?


I never thought that dogs have also a different languages. But for me dogs can really understand human language. We can teach them by repeating the words(command) while giving them a treat if they successfully done the command. One basic command is the word "sit". You just need a little patience in order for your dog to memorize it.


I am continually amazed at why people post. I keep requesting to write about something that affects 1 in 3 women on our planet (verbal and physical abuse) and when I contact the powers that be, I receive no answer, and article on dog barks?

Every day in the U.S. 3 women are murdered by their boyfriends/husbands and dog barks are more important than what I want to write about?

The world truly is....mad.


I can't tell you why people won't allow to post anything here. But you have no right to migitate the posting of someone just because you feel slighted; try another site. Some of us feel or have been abused enough and would rather read about dog barks. As for people, that has allot to do judgement, law, and choices. That applies to both parties and there are many articles about that in cyberspace from multiple viewpoints so that you could choose the tone and POV. THIS however is the first article on what people's of the world describe the sound a dog makes and has to do with how different human cultures and language color their interpretation of that sound into words. Therefore, I believe you to be in the wrong area for your grievance.

the phonetic sounds of dogs barking.

Actually the Welsh sound is woof woof. not wff wff... at least thats the sound my dogs make. we had them from llanelli but they been brought up near the rhondda. so i don't know if that has any bearing on the matter. lol maybe you've been listening to north walian dogs?????? :D

In Hungarian it is "vau-vau",

In Hungarian it is "vau-vau", not "vow-vow".

Hungarian is wrong

Hungarian is wrong. The correct one is: vau vau

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