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Why Does My Neutered Dog Mount Other Dogs?

Published on July 20, 2011 by Stanley Coren, Ph.D., F.R.S.C. in Canine Corner Mounting behavior (colloquially referred to as "humping"), where a dog clasps the hips of another dog and stands on two legs while thrusting his hips, is part of sexual behavior in dogs, however, in most common interactions among canines it has nothing to do with sex, but a lot to do with social dominance. Read More

Is it important to stop mount on others dogs ?


For start, sorry for my English, i am french. I will try to be clear. I have a male dog who have 11 month, it is a German Shorthaired Pointer. He go to canin club for he have 2 months and i train it for obedience. Its a nice dog.
I am reading your book "Comment parler chien?", its very interesting.

I understand dog can not mount a human, we have to stop it but with a dog although we know its a social dominance. Canin educator to my club say i have to stop this comportement but the problem is they think its a sexual comportement.
My dog have mounted 2 others males who have the same age : 10-11 months and same size. He never do this with smaller or older congeners.

In your opinion, do i have stop it ?

Thanks for your time



I appreciate your article; however what you and others say does not explain why dogs mount inanimate objects. Why would a dog want to express dominance over an inanimate object or does that behavoir stem from another cause?

Discredited nonsense

What's fascinating to me is that a professed expert in canine behavior can make a comment like this:

"There is a lead or alpha male and an alpha female, and one of these will be overall pack leader."

...despite the fact that he is passing along nonsense that's been discredited by genuine experts in canine ethology decades ago. See: for Dr. David Mech's apologetic mea culpa: there's no "alpha pair," no simple dominance ranking, in wild wolves.

Given that obvious nonsense statement, it's no surprise that the rest of this article is riddled with counter-factual claptrap. That the euphemism "neutering" is deployed rather than refer to the actual surgery in question - castration - is further telling of mendacious intent.

I'm trying to think of something constructive to say about this article, but coming up blank. Ok, how about this: I've now started using it as one of my prime examples of how otherwise well-educated humans so often turn into nonsense-spewing idiots when discussing nonhuman sexuality. So at least it's good for that.

For anyone reading this and thinking it's actually reflective of how actual canines work, please think twice. The author is spouting a series of cherished myths, discredited errors, and flat-out fallacies that tell us plenty about the limits of our society's ability to comprehend the rest of the living world... but precious little about dogs.

Perhaps, given Dr. Coren's long-time cheerleading for the use of castration/amputation surgery to make dogs "simpler to manage," it's no surprise he can't write competently about canine sexuality. Nevertheless, to read this stuff presented with a straight face continues to astonish. Please, please, let someone write something competent about such subjects someday soon. This garbage has long since veered deep into the land of abstract mythology.

Discredited nonsense

Of course a zoophile such as Mr. Spink would write a comment that is, at best, discredited nonsense.


"Douglas Spink Arrested In BESTIALITY Case: Mice In Vaseline, Dogs, Horses Found At Exitpoint Stallions Limitee" -

Oh really...

Jennifer has obviously not read the comment to which she replied otherwise one would assume she would leave a reference that actually relates to the case-in-point or at least provide a personal anecdote to back up her claim.

Furthermore, the link provided by Jennifer (a spambot?) is several years obsolete and was written in accordance with numerous corrupt officials who, it turns out, blatantly lied about the case in question and abused their positions of power to pursue the personal prejudices and agenda of the state. Due to the state corruption involved - that goes right up the ladder I might add - a book is being wrote about this very case by a respected journalist :


The arguments about the

The arguments about the social order of domestic and/or wild canines are not relevant to stopping dogs from fighting and/or mounting. To stop both forms of agressive behavior the dogs owner must be the alpha. Its a battle of wills. Dont worry about whether or not a social hierchy exists in canines - you must be the alpha to prevent or stop fighting & mounting.

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Stanley Coren, Ph.D., F.R.S.C., is a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia.


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