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The human-animal bond

The Health and Psychological Benefits of Bonding with a Pet Dog

Our understanding of the benefits of canine companions has changed. We now understand that a pet dog can reduce stress, improved physical health status and improve social relationships. Read More

Great Article

This is a great article, with lots of great research.

I loved the very specific canine behavioral details in the story about Riley, at the beginning. And found the final story especially interesting since it mirrors one of the main plot points in my 5th novel Dogged Pursuit!

Great stuff,


The Other Side

Ah Yes...all those great things dogs do for their owners. But what about the neighbors? I'm amazed that so many bozos seem to feel the people down the street want to hear a chorus of animals yapping. Just as I think women should be rendered infertile until they can demonstrate their ability to raise a kid, dogs should be debarked at the first complaint...maybe even before but I don't want to come off as extreme. Anything else is looking to others to support/tolerate your whim. And what's wrong with cats? They purr, clean themselves and use a liter box. An all-around delightful creature. Were there more cats, there wouldn't have been a bubonic plague.

i think some people just need

i think some people just need to have more tolerance,i live next someone with 4 dogs i hardly know their there however someone at the other end of the road claims he hears them as if they were in his living room, as for your comment about the "bubonic plague" it was spread by fleas which both CATS and dogs suffer from.

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Stanley Coren, Ph.D., F.R.S.C., is a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia.


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