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The Evolving Role of LGBT Musicians in Heavy Metal Music

Heavy metal music and its followers have long been stereotyped as closed-minded and aggressive. But a growing number of metal artists are proving that negative stereotype wrong, as the role of LGBT musicians in metal continues to evolve. Read More

The Evolving Role of LGBT Musicians in Heavy Metal Music

As a member of both the LGBT community AND a drummer for a Death Metal band I can safely say that I have witnessed first hand exactly how supportive other the Metal community are of LGBT people. It sickens me to hear people from outside of the metal community stereotyping Metalheads as being closed-minded, under achievers, uneducated and even ugly which is a terrible thing to say to anyone PERIOD. Nothing could be further from the truth. But then, Metal has never been about what's on the outside but rather accepting others for who they are on the inside and getting together to enjoy and converse about the music we love and get rid of the stress that our daily lives throw at us. I'm proud of who I am and I'm proud of the Metal community for being such amazing supportive people.

Thank You Dr. Friedman for helping people to better understand both the LGBT community and the Metal community.

I have no doubt there are

I have no doubt there are plenty of great, open-minded and compassionate people in the metal community. But misogyny and sexist discrimination are rife in the metal community and misogyny and homophobia are inextricably linked. I think while progress has been made the problem is still there for the most part, as it is everywhere else.

Rob Halford

I love reading Rob Halford, who is openly gay AND openly Christian - take that, PMRC! (I used to play bass in a religious metal band in the 80s in the Bible belt region- I got it from all ends)... I think it is fun to break stereotypes, because Stereotypes are boxes, and being that I am autistic and have an innate aversion to boxes, I inherently think that stereotypes in general are "amusing": I don't like boxes... I hardly recognize them... They are good for making Minecraft blocks, and that's about it. Run on sentences using too many commas, I can do that. Boxes, no.

Thank you!

Dr. Friedman, as a metal fan, and an open minded person, to you I say thank you! I was getting pretty sick of typing this subject matter online and finding only self-righteous finger pointing crybabies politicizing the issue! thanks for making it an open subject for proud metal heads as I am! Peace.

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Michael Friedman, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist specializing in how social relationships influence mental and physical health

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