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The Language of Secret Keeping

There is no vocabulary for the myriad ways in which a beloved’s secret can burden the person to whom it is revealed, though the possibilities are endless and, like many attempts to capture emotional complexity, quite possibly Germanic: Geheimnisaustausch? Stockholm-secret-keeping syndrome?) Read More

RE: Truth or Dare

I really enjoyed your post discussing the complexity between privacy and vulnerably revealing our "private life" with others. I strongly advocate that vulnerability allows us to experience greater connection, closeness and empathy from others. And believe that it is a powerful way to make positive change, to be open and honest with ourselves and others, as well as being apart of a greater community. Although vulnerability can be scary at times and is necessary, the major loss of personal privacy through the Patriot Act and limited confidentiality, boundaries have become blurred and personal privacy and "freedom" are being lost. This was an interesting article that opens up an important conversation in our society. Thank you Kaja!

Best, Andrea

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