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The Failure Interview Series

9 prominent people talk about their failures.

"If you're going through hell," said Winston Churchill, "keep going." He was right. It really does seem like the secret to success is rising from the ashes. But some people do this better than others. Why is it that failure crushes some people, while others get knocked down and bounce back stronger than ever?

To accompany the cover story on failure in the current issue of Psychology Today, "Weathering the Storm," I spoke to nine prominent people who've been through hell and back and asked them what got them through their darkest moments.

Standup comedian Greg Giraldo

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin

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Writer-producer Cindy Chupack

Real estate mogul Donald Trump

Suspense novelist Mary Higgins Clark

Graphic designer Paula Scher

Public relations advisor Mark Penn

Standup comedian Orny Adams

Accounting executive Joshua Persky

Jay Dixit is a science writer based in New York.


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