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Best Visual Illusion of the Year Selected

This is the ninth year of a competition that promotes awareness of neuroscience.

Over a thousand vision scientists and visual artists joined the general public yesterday in Naples, Florida, to choose the "Best Illusion of the Year." The event was hosted by the Neural Correlate Society, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote public awareness of neuroscience research and discovery. The 2013 event was the ninth annual edition of the contest.

The audience selected the TOP THREE winners from a preselected group of TOP TEN finalists, chosen by an international committee of impartial judges. Illusion researchers and artists from all over the world submitted their latest creations for this year's competition. The winners took home a trophy designed by the acclaimed Italian sculptor Guido Moretti. See the winning designs here.

For more about the contest's history and sponsors, click here.

Faith Brynie, Ph.D, is a scientific and medical writer. She is the author of Brain Sense (Amacom, 2009).


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