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Why We're Wired to Binge-Watch TV

Neuroscience can explain the phenomenon of binge-watching TV. Read More

It's good to have an explanation for it

However, I don't binge watch TV. My attention span and quick ability to become bored or tired of doing the same things makes it impossible to watch more than two or three episodes of the same show, except if it's a science fiction I'm currently obsessing over. But I'll still only watch a few episodes a day.
I don't have a hectic lifestyle though but I do like to unwind from stress by watching a comedy or drama.
The empathy thing is interesting too. I've noticed some TV shows are so emotional that even I with my autism am able to pick on it at all, and not just that - but actually build on my poor ability to empathise at all.
I also wonder if this is why people like to watch violence and horror? The most popular TV dramas seem to be violent and I've got a weak stomach for it, but most other people might just pick up more of the emotions of the characters rather than violence or horror themes. Emotions can be overwhelming for me too so sometimes I find even the shows I watch to be a bit over the top with emotional story lines sometimes and I can barely tolerate it.

I think that it is important

I think that it is important that we pay attention to what sort of media programs we are watching. Some shows which can be very emotionally involving might drain us or make us excited. We have some control over feelings also by choosing which television show to watch out of the many options we have available to us. We also have many ways to inquire about them, more than ever before in the history of cinema and television. Or simply be like me when I watched House of cards and decided that I was going to use it also as a way to learn how to have a thick skin.

I have considered productive and pleasurable moments with the viewing of television shows. I have learned some philosophy, pop culture and facts on my computer while watching Netflix. We should always question information and so with a simple control t for a new tab I can do a little research.

Maybe there are some people who need to watch several hours of a television show all of the time or just sometimes. One of the questions they might want to ask themselves is: “Is it benefiting me in the way I want it to? Is it somehow in sync with my goals in life?” In general, If there is a behavior or habit I develop and which I don’t like I say to myself “does this reflect the person I want to be?”

Binge watching tv is a new term that is being used a lot and let’s keep it to its purest definition without associating other behaviors which are negative like couch potato and binge eating.

Like they suggested in the article, why not exercise? Personally I am not thinking about the initial pain but still creating positive emotions. Eat what you think are tasty foods but slowly and mindfully. If you are tense, a television show can be a good way to relax the mind and body., Learn the practice of being conscientious and use a show as a way to digest better when you are tense but hungry; consequently having more energy.

It is about how we decide to interpret our actions which affect our subconscious.

Being in general mindful, utilizing our different tools creatively and making positive psychological attribution to our actions will also keep us staying happy.

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