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Are Colleges Not Welcoming Young Men?

Why are young men attending college in fewer numbers overall in comparison to females? Have young males changed? Or are there other changes to understand? Read More


"The University of Toronto in recent months has been a place where violent protests against the discussion of this issue have occurred"

"violent protests"? Have you got a link for that? Or is that just fantasy on your part?

And so..?

Yeah. Any SANE person would violently oppose such anti-feminist misogynistic drivel peddled as "men's issues". In the same way you wouldn't give the KKK open mike to spew out whatever nonsense they might have in regards to the HORROR it would be if say, black students suddenly did better than white students.

It's only a "problem" for them that "their own" are losing their supremacy. And "debating" it is just an excuse to shout out their hate-speech against the groups they want to keep down.

Please present evidence that

Please present evidence that the subjects dealt with in those conferences were misogynystic drivel.
What did they talk about? What was the agenda and topics covered? What hate speech did they shout?

Please present quotes and/or pictures or videos of this hate speech.

I think Born2BFree is just

I think Born2BFree is just upset they missed the opportunity to be hateful and anti-free speech with the other awful, oppressive people at the protests.

hang on a second!

I'm not sure what "nonsense" you imagine this lecture was about, but the topics were boys declining enrollment in higher education and the shockingly high rates of male suicide.
There is no hint of misogyny there, you can't cry "MISOGYNY" on topics that don't relate to women.

The basic truth is, feminism would not even warrant a mention if feminists were not blocking any attempts to address these issues. And these are not small issues, people are LITERALLY dying while feminism wants to ponder how acting to save these lives will affect women.

If you want to compare someone to the KKK, perhaps you should look in a mirror.


I agree with everything that Dr. Groth says and would add only one topic for discussion. Young men have already experienced implicit (and sometimes explicit) misandry in popular culture long before arriving at college and discovering much more of it in academic culture. They have all seen countless movies, TV shows, commercials and ads that ridicule boys and men relentlessly and yet seldom provoke outrage. Popular music and video games are often misogynistic, on the other hand, which creates additional problems for young men (but also, of course, young women) who hope to enter a world that is worthy of entering in the first place--one that encourages them to form worthwhile "relationships" with young women (and also to understand scholarship as the search for truth, not the confirmation of prejudice or the promotion of political ideology). My point here, in short, is that society in our time is profoundly polarized. An alien visitor to the United States or Canada might well decide not only that human males are from Mars and human females from Venus but also that the two "races" are at war with each other and that the latter are winning.

"Popular music and video

"Popular music and video games are often misogynistic,"
How are these misogynistic? I find it interesting that you mention video games as misogynistic, considering a lot of the most popular games are shooting games that allow you (and in some instances, require you) to spray down tons of MALE characters, whose lives are all portrayed as insignificant, with a minigun or whatever.

It's true that part of the

It's true that part of the advancement of women is the result of tearing down men (which is not really advancement).

The issue to be considered, however, is what these extra females are studying.

They are certainly not tackling the STEM majors in higher proportions, in fact very few women attempt Engineering curriculum.

Many young women are basically wasting their time on degrees that are not very valuable on the job market.

In spite of the mass media propaganda that women are taking over, they are still way into the minority in the fields that are productive and valuable to our economy.

In the near future many women will be demanding to know why in spite of their higher education, they are still either earning less than men with no degrees and not getting the type of jobs the academics said they would.

Success is all about the value of what you've learned through experience not what you think you've learned through schooling.


They're already doing this.

They're already doing this. Haven't you heard the statistic that women only make 70% of the money males do? What those quote miners neglect to mention is that figure is the result of all the money all the women make, divided by the number of women ... and all the money all the men make, divided by the number of men. Women in part time jobs actually make more per hour than their male counterpart. Women under 30 make more on average than men in the same age bracket these days, as well. You don't hear about any of this, however. You don't hear about how the choices women make (less lucrative undergrad majors, fewer hours per week working, less hazardous jobs that pay less, more vacations, etc, etc) are what really affects the pay differences between the sexes. The "pay gap" is essentially nonexistent when you account and control for all these different choices. All you hear instead is how oppressed women are in today's society. All you hear is how all men are just rapists waiting to happen. All you hear is the endless stream of crap spewing from these continuously self-declared victims.


Yes, but the purpose of education, at least higher education, is not solely to prepare students for lucrative jobs.

Also, the courses that create misandric problems are in the humanities and the arts, which, as you say, are (so far) the most attractive to female students along with the social sciences--including "gender studies." What students learn in these courses should be how to think analytically and critically about everything and particularly about one's own assumptions. I worry that many of these courses teach students what to think, especially about matters such as gender. Even if teachers or text books propagate misandry unwittingly, the damage is quickly and easily done: another generation of people who assume that misogyny (or "patriarchy") is the only problem to be monitored.

After a dozen years in the Gyno Gulag of lower education...

-being browbeaten and drugged into submission, or watching it happen to others, they expect 'em to sign up for more abuse in an even more hostile environment?! This is merely women projecting their happy masochism onto men. They should just tell them to get married instead!

It's the ones who want to go to these pseuso christian feminist nunneries where a bogus sins-of-the-fathers theology is the first thing taught who should have their heads examined.

Men screwed us over, that's simply how it is.

The truth about historical male evils against women hurts, I see...

GOOD, maybe you won't repeat them, then.

I assure you we will never lie about our male ancestors oppression of our female ancestors juse because it hurts the feelings of male-supremacists.

The truth is women were oppressed, held down, controlled. By men, through most (if not all) of history. We will never forget this, and no, we will never let you forget, either.

Deal with it.

Thank you... ...I am now a

Thank you...

...I am now a misogynist.

Deal with that bitch.

Another one drops the mask.

Quite used to deal with misogyni... Pretty much every time men act their natural self.

Nothing new. And your vitriol certainly does not change historical facts - if anything, it proves how anti-woman male nature still is.

Nature or nurture?

I think it is nurture, or more likely lack of good nurture, rather than nature that produces misogyny. All children, both girls and boys, come into the world with the potential to develop in a natural, loving way. We are all shaped by those around us and by the society we encounter at an early age.

Oh my god ... seriously??

Oh my god ... seriously?? Gonna just hate all men? "Men act their natural self"?? Please keep your hate to yourself. This is uncalled for and unwarranted. I understand the other guy just upset you, but you're really going to throw half the population under the bus now? I have some serious pity for you if that is how you view the world. Must hurt to hold all that hatred and resentment within you all that time for no reason.

Only now?

Your first, and only comment on this article and you go straight to the "b" word!
Odds are you were already a misogynist.

A fool indeed, but replying

A fool indeed, but replying to an even greater fool. CHUD might as well be a eugenicist.

That's a bit of a leap

You would not be wrong to identify CHUD as a bigot, there is no question that that was an bigoted statement, but eugenicist?
With all due respect, we should try not to over sensationalize, it can only serve to weaken the argument.

Please read some literature

Please read some literature from the other side of this argument. You will be a lot less ignorant for it. If you are uninterested in reading, perhaps some youtube videos are worth your time?

Please, can you provide some

Please, can you provide some evidence to support your claims?

Do you agree with the assertion that those who have the most power in a society are the ones you cannot criticize?

Can you provide any evidence

Can you provide any evidence to support your claim about how men have historically oppressed women?

Do you agree with the assertion that those with the most power in a society are the ones you cannot criticize?


Brilliant article! Very well done! My compliments!

As a white guy who attended

As a white guy who attended college a few years ago, the first person i met was a young woman who told mee i wuz nut smart nuff to understand dem der book learnin tings and wud not git much ot off and edumakation. I attended anyways and in the first semester I got honors, which was actually higher then I had planned. The next semester I got the 80% I was aiming for, but of course I did have to do some algebra with the overall marks to get that grade. Then they cut my funding off.

Of course it may have been

Of course it may have been the fact that while everyone else was trying to get 100% on their tests, i was trying to beat the clock.

maybe its just numbers

the birth rate in the 1990s was disproportionately female over male... there are simply more females of that age than males

A higher female to male birth

A higher female to male birth rate does not explain why more men drop out.

check your math

The current population is 49% male (let's not even include males significantly shorter lifespan, which would put the college age males at an even higher percentage).
Women now make up 63% of college enrollment. High female birthrates do not explain the under representation of males on college campuses. Not at all.

Hard to say without more information

I would speculate a good number of young men are attending technical or vocational schools instead of college. I wish I had gone to a tech school vs a wasted wishy washy science degree. The more years you waste in school the harder it is to get into the working world sometimes. Some guys may also have fathers who own small businesses and they are just going straight into a job from high school whereas girls don't always have that option of getting to work for a parent. And just what is the number of young men going into military these days? Perhaps that is also why more women are on campus than men.

One thing though when I was living in a liberal arts college town the overwhelming majority of students seem to be males. They seem to outnumber the females in town. It really made no sense because I would have thought more females than males would be getting art history degrees and other such nonsense. Of course this is only my observation having lived in a huge apartment complex where almost everyone of my neighbors were college boys. I felt very outnumbered. I don't know where the girls were.

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