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My Political Position

Readers are wondering what my political stance is.

I do not identify with an advocacy group and I am not an activist. The personal is not always the political, as some have said. I do not support any ideology and do not belong to any organizations other than scholarly academic groups (psychology, philosophy). I am registered as an Independent in order to vote in general elections. I would term myself a Libertarian, although I do not belong to a political party that bears that name. I am not a feminist or pro-feminist, not a masculist or pro-masculist. I do not see myself as promoting rights of men or women as separate groups. I support equity for males and females, realizing that males and females have basic differences. I see all of us--men and women--as in this life together, dependent upon each other in complex ways. The highest value for me is our responsibility as adults for the care of younger generations. If either boys or girls as a group are not doing well, the other group will eventually suffer. I do not think of myself as a scientist, collecting information and analyzing data. I observe what I see going on around me and instead of presuming to have the right answers, I try to look for the best questions. I think we should not waste time calling each other names or making generalizations about people responding to the blog. I try to respond to questions raised in postings rather than replies to individuals.

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Miles Groth, Ph.D., is a professor of psychology at Wagner College.


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