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Asthmatic Personality

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Not my experience

Can't say any of that has ever been my experience. I often go places without an inhaler and seldom do I get overcome with such worrying. What I have noticed asthma does influence in my life is determining who is "worthy" of befriending or dating. Basically I shut out smokers and anyone who wears strong perfumes because they cause me to have asthma attacks. So I loathe these people as I see them as criminals who threaten my safety. It is easy to feel that way because I am so allergic to smoke that it could kill me to be around a smoker.

Being asthmatic has also caused me to miss out on many social invitations and activities because I can't for instance go to an outdoor concert or festival because of smokers. Many times when I've been at the lake I have had my happiness suddenly destroyed and ended up gasping for breath and having to leave all because some selfish creep decided to smoke near me. This is truly how asthma destroys lives by not allowing one to participate in the same activities everyone else takes for granted.

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Jack Pemment is a recent neuroscience graduate from the University of Mississippi. He explores the neurobiology of criminal behavior and personality disorders.


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