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X-Men: Days of Future Past Explores Bipolar Disorder

“It’s not their pain you are afraid of. It’s yours Charles. And as frightening as it may be, their pain will make you stronger. If you allow yourself to feel it. Embrace it. It will make you more powerful that you ever imagined. It’s the greatest gift we have - to bear their pain without breaking. It’s born from the most human power - Hope." Read More

X-Men Hope found

I went to see the XMen Past to the Future last night.
I was so moved by many parts, especially the dialogue about pain and hope.
I was looking for a more complete quote.
I googled the partial lines and found your page!
I have bipolar, my mom did too.
I am doing well and doing good.

I have noticed some popular lit or movies with descriptions that fit bipolar.
For instance in the book, The Hunger Games, the description of how the tracker jacker venom works. I copied in my journal.
Nice to read your page, I didn't think about the "mutant" connection and bipolar, us/them thing.
I am involved in genetic testing, submitting myself for it, but mainly miochondrial stuff, nucSEEK and mito genome. Got some interesting results. So lots of connection with bipolar, Xmen does, this latest, I suppose. Interesting, because Lincoln and Churchill showed some indications, maybe people with vision and the ability to harness it in way the general public can recognize, lead us out of trouble. Thank you for looking more deeply into these matters.

Gratefully yours,

googled the lines

Glad you found my article through your search. I searched for the lines in the movie too and could not find them. I went back to the movie and wrote them down. I had to go twice just to get it right ;-) Wish we could share the video of it as it is very powerful.

X-Men found Hope

Hi Mr. Wooten!

Did you ask yet?

Also, I thought about how consequences of controlling behavior reveal themselves in the movie.
Raven could morph into anyone, some people can morph into the person desired rather than oneself.
Charles realized he was getting in her mind to control her.
There are people who can do that too.
Raven developed a hatred enough to kill another controlling person, Trask, killing for a purpose of self preservation.
Erik is so complex, I have more difficulty fathoming his motives, when he puts the bars through Logan and sends him to drown,
and then Logan's healing powers, very amazing, still missing the deeper significance behind that.

Fascinating how it revolves around finding solutions without violence amidst violence.

I am emerging (going on three years taking the steps out of a domestic violence situation (19 years)).

The abuse counselor showed me the wheels of equity and of control/violence 2 years ago.
It would be interesting to look at the movie in the light of the characteristics on each wheel.

:) Anonymous who could switch my name to an X-Men name but still figuring what charter I am most like
Oh, one more thing, those lines about pain:
Someone saw me shed a tear for someone suffering in a story.
That person judged me to be not capable of dealing with an ER type situation, with suffering, because I shed a tear at a movie.
My greatest asset is to face the suffering of others without breaking in real life, empathy.
I am amazing!
So glad these lines in the movie mark it as a sign of great strength!

X-Men and the Mentally Different Unite

Thank you for making these analogies. Thank you for advocating of behalf of those of us living with mental illness. Thank you for helping us to overcome and eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness.

Thank Michelle Miller for sharing this article on and linking to it on Inspiring Women Bloggers on Facebook.

Best X-Men Movie Ever

Loved this article! As mush as I loved Days of Future Past.
That scene, between Old/Young Charles X Xavier went straight to my heart and mind.

I truly believe this movie is of enormous help for anyone dealing with pain, loss and all kinds of consecuences of traumatic experiences.

DOFP and Inception are great sources of inspiration when you feel sad and want to understand the root of it.

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