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''With great power comes great responsibility.''Liked this quote. Will you please tell me what power and responsibility you possess?


Over the past few months I have discovered ways to make my bipolar and anxiety disorder become less of a problem for me. I started by tapering my meds, learning that I only had to tkae half of what was prescribed for me. I began to feel 'clear' as if they were not weighing me down anymore. I kicked suicide to the curb and rarely think of it anymore. I have discovered it's okay to have human emotions that aren't always tamped down by all the medications. I am learning to control my anger. I do not allow people to have the same power over me they once did and seek no one else's approval but my own. I know when I need medication and when I don't. Some meds I have simply cut in half-some I only take once a day when they were prescibed for three times a day.
I have not had a depression, a manic spell or have suffered from anxiety for the past eight weeks. By allowing my brain to work freely, and not be weighed down until I feel like a zombie, I have developed a remarkable amount of control. I believe some of it has to do with a change in medication, some is will power and knowing I don't have to be this way every day, has helped tremendously. Still fighting PTSD, I must take the medications for night terrors. But I have found the proper dosage for me-one that will supress the nightmares and yet allow my vivid imagination to still give me idea's for my writing. I am trying to share these techniques with other bi-polars but many seem stuck in their own world of distress. Every 24 hours I pledge that I will not do any harm to myself and it takes a great burden off me. I rarely even think about it anymore. I plan to write a book, detailing my recovery and the vital part that proper diet, exercise and hydration play in my recovery. It will be called, IN THE CLEAR-FINDING METHODS TO OVERCOME BIPOLAR MADNESS. Thank you for the opportunity of allowing me to express my views here. I hope that someday, everyone will find control.

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