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This video is from a public television program. It explains what bipolar is and the difference between disorder and IN Order by detailing the six stages that one goes through as understanding and functionality improves. It outlines more complete assessments geared toward success, advanced tools that supplement existing tools, and stage specific plans. Read More

bipolar depression husband

How do I get out of this mess in probate court ? Been in for over yrs noew with my husband whop put us into a crisis after taking Wellbutri/stratterra for about 6 weeks While he was in a depressove mood .. shortly after xmas 2002 he showed signs of mania, worked almost around the clock. we were buildong our home.. he put it up for sale, filed for divorce, credit card bills of over 20,000 . 2,000 telephone bill cell all in whole numbers, My kids were 3 and 4. he was taking one to Canada and had packed all their belongings . I got a section 12 but he walked out of the hospital . nothing was done at the hospital...
y husban has gooten remarried but there is bigamy. he is still ytking adhd ,meds now. He tor e the label off. he does not see he has bipolar depression diagnosed by a psychiatrist at the start of this ccrisis in 2006.. What do i do.. wait for the courts to see there is no divorce. Both my kids are in hiscustody. i am a professional school teacher not on drugs, do not smoke. He transferred his behavior towards me and the courts bbelieved him sinc he is a social worker and in the field. I am too in the fiels as I am a special education teacher w/ emotional/behavoral students
This court system is really dumb !!! THey need to get on board ... this is not 1956 when wives used to want to lock up their husbands .. Also the courts protect the men. I have filed sex harrassment charges, etc against this court room, the attys,, alot has been filed since 2006

bipolar depression husband

I sense a lot of anger in this situation. Teachers frequently tell the students to "play nice". I think that might apply here.

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