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The Power of Language

Adapting some simple cognitive behavior therapy techniques can reduce anxiety while you are trying to conceive. Read More

another timely post!

I just had my first consultation with an RE this morning. He talked for about Half an hour about my normal cycles, our reasonable age, this stat, that stat, this test, that test. And after he was done I said, "can you just tell us something encouraging?" and he said "everything I just said for the last 30 minutes was encouraging!" HA! It just illustrated to me the sensitive lens one has when TTC and how you can hear things so differently, and how language is indeed important. He was telling us good things, but I just didn't hear them.

Another terrible word that I would love to erase is "miscarry" and its variants. The idea that the woman has literally carried poorly. She messed up. She mis-carried. Terrible.

Great points! Wishing you

Great points! Wishing you the best. This week's post may help you stay present and take in the positive!

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