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The Care and Maintenance of Women Trying to Conceive

Sharon offers some guidance on how to talk to the women in your life who are trying to conceive. Read More

thanks for this post. as the

thanks for this post. as the person TTC, it's true i'm not always sure what i want from my friends. sometimes i want them to ask, othertimes it just feels like all eyes are on me waiting for an announcement... an announcement that i don't have yet... and it makes me feel worse.

My period is starting today, closing out month 4 of TTC. I know that isn't all that long, but I feel really down and discouraged. it's lonely, and i want to reach out to people for comfort, but then again, i don't want everyone to know, and then have everyone watching me for that announcement.

Thanks for providing a space for insightful conversation on this.

Thank you for your thoughtful

Thank you for your thoughtful comment. We wish you the best.

Nice Information

Thank you so much for the wonderful information.This is really important for me.I am searching this kind of information from a long time and finally got it.

Thank you

Thank you, please feel free to share our blog with your patients.

I have just found this

I have just found this series, and it's the best I've seen for women over 35 TTC. I keep it under my favorites tab because when I'm feeling like I might lose it, it helps calm me down. This is a HUGE deal under the circumstances. The information is insightful, balanced, and mature. Thank you. I look forward to the next post.

Thanks so much for reading

Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment! Please let us know if there are particular questions or topics that we should tackle.

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Sharon I. Praissman is an adult (medical) and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. Emma Williams is a public health researcher and writer.


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