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it is hard to see how a man

it is hard to see how a man masturbating to porn in a clinic to obtain his genetic material that he will relinquish his paternal rights to, to give to a woman that does not like copulating with men, is conceiving a baby from a loving peaceful place.

Re; How to make decisions…...

While I understand the gist of your comments, I think it's important to recognize that there will be unpleasant aspects to trying to conceive if fertility interventions are necessary. Also, there are times when frustration, sadness and anger will be part of the emotional response to not conceiving as quickly as one had hoped.

Absolutely Agree!

All good points and clearly one should continue with the intervention if it is in alignment with their core values and feels like the best plan even if the process (shots, multiple visits) is painful.
In terms of emotions, many women find being proactive allows them to control at least one part of the process which can be helpful when the outcome is so uncontrollable. Of course, if it adds to the stress then it is not worth it.

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