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So there I was....

Chances are you haven’t heard of many of my favorite authors.  None has written a blockbuster, nor even more than a single book.  You might, in fact, have some trouble picking up a copy of their works at your local bookstore.  But by providing front row access to their struggles and heroic triumphs, they have all taught, enlightened, and inspired countless readers.  Each, through his or her intimate storytelling, has changed--and in many cases saved--lives.  And what they’ve accomplished you can, as well--even without ever putting pen to paper... Read More

OCD Stories: An evening of reflection, humor and education

Will the stories be available for viewing now that the event is over?

RE: OCD Stories

Yes! I'm told that video from the IOCDF storytelling event will be available by November 1st at

Thanks for asking!

- jeff

Thank you!

It is because of the courage of people such as yourself who come forward with their stories that others will follow. I thank you for your honesty, courage and for the power of example that you demonstrate with the power of your written and spoken words.


My new book The Coparazzi, is not only about celebrity and policing but there is certainly some OCD in there as well. Not only that my problem with OC caused me to procrastinate about sending the book to be published and that took almost a year before my patient wife convinced me. Now I am obsessing about the reception and believe me its a percentage of negative thoughts.

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Jeff Bell is the founder of the nonprofit Adversity 2 Advocacy Alliance and author of When In Doubt, Make Belief.


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