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The Body "Issue"

Although we have more gender equality than ever in sports, female athletes are almost always sexualized in the media. Girls are playing sports in increasing numbers, but they are not seeing that athleticism represented in the media. Seeing only skiers in bikinis directly counteracts all the great benefits that sports participation brings. Read More

Yeah well like you ladies are not looking at us guy?

Yeah yeah the immortal words of Socrates..."BITE ME!"
Yeah sure women are sexualized in sport? Ahhh duuuuhhhh! Where did you get your PhD from? Are you a Phoenix? Are you were one of those kids who wore Velcro shoes?
Sport at its core is the celebration of sexuality and sensuality of the human spirit!
And if I have to explain to you why sport is in effect the billboard to sexuality then I should have the right to demand that you provide me proof of your education….better yet….send me a cat scan of your grey matter!
What do we find attractive…
1)Strong fit bodies! Athletes have them? Check!
2)Clear strong skin free of blemishes! Athletes have them? Check!
3)Intelligence and fearlessness! Athletes have them? Check!
4)Grace! Athletes have them? CHECK!
First person who stands up and says “well my mom says it’s what’s on the inside that counts” shall be hit squarely in the face with t a big fat rubber ball……I bet you were one of the weak ones in dodge ball?

Get over it! Athletes be it men or women by their nature are attractive! You know what’s not attractive? Your saggy lumpy ass and shapeless tights and don’t even get me started with your bat arms! When you stop waving is your triceps still moving like a flag in a hurricane wind?

The worst offender

I see your point and your anger but you appear to blame the media yet so many (just about every?) hot female athlete goes naked the nanosecond someone offers more fame and money for soing so.

Although I am as happy to look at an attractive naked women as much as any other hetero guy I have to admit it is quite irritating at this point. I see women like Danica Patrick who really hasn't accomplished much in her sport yet is famous primarily for goofy commercials and stripping down. On the other hand, when a true winner does it, it seems like selling out. As though the woman finally admits that her true worth is to show her goody bits, not the hard work and dedication in becoming the best in a sport.

I just pray that this habit doesn't spread to other areas, let's say politics. If Hillary Clinton did this for the public there would be a generation of men unable to ever get an erection again!

Thanks for the comment

First, I should say, I didn't mean to sound angry. Frustrated is perhaps the better description. But I completely agree with your points. I don't blame the media. I think we all buy into the image of what women should be and what they should look like (women buy into it just as much as men). The media simply shows us what sells. I dare say that women are more judgmental/curious about how other women look than men are.

It seems to be a double edge

It seems to be a double edge sword. It's a great thing that females are participating in sports more often. It's also great that female athletes are being recognized for their achievements.

Personally, it seems to me that the "male gaze" and "women as the object" still predominates media and particularly advertising. We are seeing this in sports where some female athletes are taking advantage of their sexiness and posing in scantly clad clothing for magazines, endorsements and more. If the offer is there, some women will take it.

I think there should be offers available for female athletes who are successful regardless of their sex appeal.

Also, I feel that young girls should learn about the media and advertising while changing what defines their self-esteem. Instead of relying on female images in media to boost their self-esteem, they should be more independent minded. Don't look for the media to make you feel good about you. Just my opinion :D

I completely agree. Thanks

I completely agree. Thanks for the comment.

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