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"Legends of the Knight" Video Chat on Batman and Psychology

A therapist, a professor, and a forensic psychiatrist walk into the Batcave.
Travis Langley, Ph.D.
This post is a response to A Dark and Stormy Knight: Why Batman? by Travis Langley, Ph.D.
Legends of the Knight filmmaker Brett Culp brought together Drs. Patrick O’Connor, Vasilis Pozios, and Travis Langley for a live conversation on Spreecast to discuss Batman and psychology – not the psychology of Batman himself, not exactly, but rather the psychology of why Batman resonates so powerfully in the public consciousness. How and why does this fictional orphan/billionaire/crimefighter inspire us? As we've asked here before, "Why Batman?"

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Bat-Family roll call:

Brett Culp (@BatmanFilm) - filmmaker creating the feature-length, not-for-profit Legends of the Knight documentary about the power of storytelling to create positive change, expressing this through the lens of one of the most popular and most heroic characters of all time - Batman.

Dr. Patrick O'Connor (@Comicspedia) - therapist interested in the clinical implications of themes in comic books, specifically what people can learn about themselves and the world by reading comic books and discussing the subject matter with a therapist; creator of, an online database tagging hundreds of comic books with psychological themes.

Dr. Travis Langley (@Superherologist, me) - author of the book Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight; co-organizer of the Comics Arts Conference, the scholarly convention panels at Comic-Con; Henderson State University psychology professor teaching on the psychology of crime, mental illness, and social behavior, including courses titled "Stan Lee Heroes" and "Batman."

Dr. Vasilis Pozios (@BTDocs) - forensic psychiatrist; member of the Broadcast Thought group of three physicians specializing in forensic, child and adolescent, and adult psychiatry, who serve as creative consultants, subject matter experts, and co-producers of mental health related content, dedicated to promoting accurate portrayals of mental illness and combatting related stigma.

Click pic to go to the previously recorded conversation on Spreecast.


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"He lifted me up." (Click pic to go to "Legends of the Knight" trailer.)

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Travis Langley, Ph.D. is the author of Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight.


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