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Are Batman's Enemies Insane? Sounder Minds—Part 1

With some exceptions, no, most comic book heroes’ nemeses know what they’re doing. They know who they hurt and they know it’s wrong. For plenty of them, that’s part of the fun. Read More

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I just wanted to say that my friends and I thoroughly enjoy reading your Batman articles. Keep up the good work...

more battiness

Thanks, James.

I originally planned to write this about supervillains best known for fighting pretty much anybody other than Batman ("aw, geez, there he goes on and on about Batman again"), but ultimately decided that focusing on Bat-villains would work best. Other supervillains just aren't as well known and don't share their own asylum. Batman's enemies are definied first by their behavior, not by superpowers.

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Travis Langley, Ph.D. is the author of Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight.


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