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The Mobbing Against Jill Abramson Begins

The statement by Arthur Sulzberger justifying his termination of New York Times Editor-in-Chief, Jill Abramson contains all the elements of an untruthful attempt to discredit her and turn public tide against her. What we can expect to happen now is that her former staff and the public will increasingly revise their perceptions of her to accord with Sulzberger's. Read More


Thanks for at least opening up the possibility that the wrong decision might have been made. Glenn

Blind spots

Although not directly addressed in the blog, you raise another issue, that of one-side-ism. I’m not aware of whether there’s an official term for it. But we so often ignore the side(s) of a person that is at odds with the side we lean toward.

If we generally like (or are beholden to) a person, we’ll overlook negatives. Conversely, if we dislike him/her, we’ll overlook positives or points of congruence.

It’s like in “cold reading,” where the person being “read” wants to believe and overlooks all the misses, focusing only on the hits. Selective viewing or memory, I guess. But that seems to be a universal trait among us . . . at least in the developed world. We construct opinions . . . perhaps based on best interest; and eliminate whatever doesn’t support those already-held opinions. And as you point out, if best interest changes, so will our opinions.

Well said; thank you for

Well said; thank you for sharing your insights.

I hope she got a golden

I hope she got a golden parachute.


The actions by the Times are graceless, tasteless and disgraceful. Totally low class shaming call guys like Sulzberger a "douche". Little inherited rich kid with a big shot streak. Someone should smack him for how he has handled this.


This is an excellent analysis. I really appreciate your work on this issue.

What will it take?

What is it going to take to get to truth (or at least as much of it as can be determined) in situations like these? It seems to me that getting to the truth is critical for any real change to happen regarding workplace justice.

And I don't buy any excuse that involves the stance that there are 'many truths.' That is a lazy cop-out.

Thank you, Janice, for opening up the field of vision regarding what might be involved regarding Ms. Abramson's firing. Injustice happens everyday to people who need their jobs desperately in order to provide for their families. Oh how I wish there was someone who would write a column for each of these 'regular' people. It wouldn't equal justice, but 'out loud' support could make a difference.

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